Let's harness this power and heal!

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healing through creativity.  creating through intention.

Tia Creative. creativity with intention.

Tia Goldschlag is a Fine Artist AND Creative Healer. Through creativity, (such as art, music, movement journaling, ritual, and ceremony), she works with clients in transforming life's obstacles into success and healing. Tia offers fun and yet profound sessions which aid in detoxing old beliefs and perceptions. Discover the power of creative healing in one of Tia's Workshops or one-on-one interactive sessions. 


through intention.

When the mind recognizes dissatisfaction in life, it's stuck and new paths must be created for fulfillment. This can be thought of as intention.

Intention is powerful.

Creativity is powerful.

Emotions are powerful.


through creativity.

Tia's creative expression and intuitive sense transforms both mind and Spirit. She explores the connection between the creative arts and our innate ability to heal. After an initial consultation, she facilitates self-discovery using different methodologies of expression.

Science has shown the power of art to prevent illness and enhance overall well-being. Discover, explore and celebrate your inner power!